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TMR serves the following markets: Military, Homeland Security, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications & Data Storage, Robotics, Green Energy & MultiMedia Today we live in a complex global business environment that requires all of us to be dynamic and innovative in order to remain competitive.  The New England region is an incubator of new technologies that drive new ideas for both existing markets and emerging markets. Ten years ago the terms “Green Energy” and “Homeland Security” were unknown. Today the products being developed here in New England for these and other markets contribute to the viability of New England and the United States as a whole. By combining the latest electronic tools for communication with our  “feet on the street and hands on"  approach  to selling in the New England OEM market place we have attained invaluable knowledge of our customers and their needs.  We understand that our customers’ time is extremely valuable and so we strive to get right to the point on an application, focus on requirements and provide relevant information or solutions in the shortest possible time.  In this age of specialists and concurrent engineering, we still see effective communication as the key to success and where gaps exist we see opportunity.  The TMR Group takes pride on a daily basis in responding to our customers and principals by communicating and facilitating their needs. This approach saves everyone time and makes us all successful.

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