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The TMR Group Inc. was established by John Collins in 1987. The establishing philosophy is to service the interconnect and packaging needs of the New England OEM market place.  We have remained profitable and viable for over 20 years servicing both our principals and customers by aligning the core technologies and strengths of our principals to the needs of our customers. Each sales engineer has over 15 years  experience in the interconnect industry, working with engineers  from the design and development stage to servicing the supply chain needs including competitive pricing, highest  quality, and on time delivery  through the life cycle of a product.

The T.M.R. Group, Inc. pledges to represent our profession with honor, and to attain the highest level of sustainable sales growth. We at T.M.R. strive to represent the highest quality manufacturers. The ultimate goal is to attain and maintain print position for the companies we represent while we build long term relationships between our customers and principals.   



C/O John Collins
  65A Wheelright Farm Rd.  Cohasset, MA 02025  Tel: 781 923 1818

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